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Light-Beams Publishing offers imaginative books and videos through illustrations, photographs and unique ideas. Our award-winning books and website provide creative fun for children and families.

The fast pace of today's living, combined with intense media programming, are constantly competing for a child's attention. Our products establish quiet times, allow a sense of self, and encourage a connection with Nature's daily wonders. Although not entirely clear when we embarked upon our journey into the world of publishing, we continue to unanimously agree on the following guidelines for our productions:

• A wish to connect children to nature in a gentle way that inspires rather than instructs.

• In our material world, the essence of nature is often hidden or forgotten. We remind children of its presence.

• To stimulate the creative processes.

• Have universal appeal for all ages.

• Convey values for life-long learning.

• Portray fulfilling child/adult relationships that are engaging and memorable.

• To support life-long values for children in a world where values are losing ground.

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